Dave Wall

Commercial photographer, stock photographer, photo journalist, equipment tester and trainer.

The sixth time on PTO as a speaker …. I am indeed humbled.

For those who know me (mines a G&T) ….. for those who don’t …….

I am a commercial photographer, a stock photographer, a photo journalist, equipment tester and a trainer.

I have over my 25+ years within the industry been truly blessed with some amazing clients and also dream assignments that have taken me around the world and back.

My business has changed over the years and is now concentrated into two main areas.

Book Cover Photograph & Training.

Book cover are a very niche market and I am lucky enough to be able travel the world feeding my artistic desires and my wife’s shopping habbits (ooo… sorry did I say that out loud) !

My training also has me traveling across the globe helping to educate other professionals in many areas of this amazing business (mainly concentrating on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop) …. After all I am an Adobe Influencer and also an Adobe Certified Expert.

So what organizations do I work with?

Manchester United (come on the reds), Leeds United (sorry I would boo …. But they are a customer), FujiFilm, Sigma Imaging, Calumet, CPT (Contemporary Photo Training), Jessops, Aspire Photo Training, PTO (obviously), all the major photographic societies, many major police forces, The Home Office, Maltese Institute of Professional Photographers and the list goes on.

If name dropping is your thing then famous names who have sat in my many seminars: Annabel Williams, Gordan McGowan, Julie Oswin, Kevin Wilson, Bella West, Saraya Cortaville, John Parris, Charlie Waite, Sandi Friend, Kenneth Ling, Steve Howdle, Paul Callaghan, Klarke Caplin, Kelly Hearn, Morag MacDonald, ……

…. And occasionally (very occasionally) …. I sleep

Check out more on www.davewallphoto.co.uk