Sandi Friend

I am really looking forward to sharing some of my skills and experiences to create some great fashion shoot inspired, kids portraits.

I asked for a SLR camera for my 15th birthday, I couldn’t draw as well as I would have liked, but instinctively knew when art ‘looked just right.’ I loved my canon T50 but film photography for a teenager was a very expensive hobby!

Instead of doing A’Levels I completed a N.N.E.B. ( Nursery Nursing course) which covered the social, emotional physical and intellectual development of children from 0-7yrs. This was largely because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and to avoid going to teacher training college as my parents wished! After many nannying jobs around the world, I returned to England and enrolled in a Photography A’Level evening class. After a matter of weeks I had rediscovered my previous interest and knew this was what I wanted to do. I immediately changed courses, completed a Nat. Dip in photography and then straight onto a Ba Hon Photography course at renowned Blackpool College.

I left with a H.N.D. ( if you can remember those – you can tell how long ago it was, as we had half a day on new software called ‘photoshop’!) a 2:1 BA Degree ( 1st for the images!) and auto entry into the BIPP at Licentiateship level.

Most of the students, myself included, moved to London to get work and I started assisting established photographers. Learning about production, working with Art Directors, Model agencies, honing lighting skills and how to run big shoots. I was keen to get going alone and started shooting editorial portraits for magazines. Once I had an agent they secured me more work shooting children. I was at this stage not a parent so my previous training was now unbelievably useful!

I then had two children of my own, was surprised at just how much I adored them and got a bit distracted!! Now I love that my days are often quite different; as the industry is constantly changing, I have adapted to keep working! I currently enjoying shooting more interiors, travel and corporate images. I work with clients to develop their brands, shooting photography that compliments and explains their business and helps to move it forward.

However the Kids Editorial Fashion is a constant work stream. Creating ‘the right look’ to match a clients requirements all takes time: ideas, creative meetings with the editors, planning, advising the stylist as to which clothes to call in, to match the story. Working with set builders to create the right environment for the shoot and suggesting hair and makeup to compliment the clothes styling are all creative and exciting elements of the production.

I am really looking forward to sharing some of my skills and experiences to create some great fashion shoot inspired, kids portraits.
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