Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis is a Photographer, Retoucher and Trainer currently based just outside of Oxford in the UK.

Having first been introduced to Photoshop in early 2005 by a family member, Glyn’s somewhat tenacious personality meant that a few short months later he found himself making his first trip across to the USA to attend a Photoshop World xxx in Las Vegas. The trip had a profound effect on Glyn being exposed to a completely new world; the world of creativity and expression where the only limitations placed on you are by yourself.

Returning from the USA, Glyn completely absorbed himself in Photoshop studying and practicing during any spare moments and soon found himself being hired to retouch other photographer’s work and it was this that naturally lead him into Photography and his first DSLR.

Fast forward a few years and Glyn’s clients range from Physique Athletes to large commercials such as Air New Zealand but he attributes his current position to a combination of hard work, guidance of incredibly talented and generous friends and a mind set of always wanting to improve and that there is ALWAYS something to learn.

As Photoshop and Photography is very much a partnership in Glyn’s work, he describes himself as a Photoshop-ographer, and now travels Internationally teaching his own series of ‘sell out’ Photography and Photoshop based Workshops, Instructing at Conventions, speaking at Seminars, writing for several Photoshop Magazines across Europe and the USA and in 2013 was featured in the New York Times. Without hesitation though, one of the highlights of his career so far was becoming a Member of the Photoshop World Dream Team of Instructors having received the call from Scott Kelby President of Kelby One (formerly the N.A.P.P. and Kelby Training).

“The N.AP.P is where it all began for me and had it not been for the people I’ve met, friends I’ve made and the overwhelming support and encouragement I’ve received and still do, things could be very different. To be
entrusted to now share the stage with folks I admire both professionally and personally is nothing short of an honour”.

Teaching and standing in front of large audiences came naturally to Glyn having attended drama school for a short period of time as a child and having also been a Competitive Bodybuilder although he stresses that he does wear considerably more when on stage these days.

From early on Glyn started writing a blog, ( more as a way to force himself to create content when starting out, but this continues to this day. His website is updated 5 days a week sharing Behind the Scenes information, tips, tricks, techniques reviews and more PLUS he produces a weekly Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom Show that can be seen both on his YouTube Channel and as an iTunes Podcast.