Panikos Hajistilly

As an 8 year old I remember studying old photos, I imagined what life was like in those days. I loved glimpsing into the past – looking at a world from decades ago, and comparing it to what things are like now. Photographs were my windows into yesteryear. That is how my passion for photography began.

Six years later I saved up all my spending and got my first camera. But I chose a rather odd route after that. Through a friend I got into camera repairs, which, as things turned out, I was pretty good at. I could loan any photographic gear I wanted, whenever I needed it.

But, after 25 years working with Canon, Olympus and Nikon, I thought I’d open a studio. So in 2002 I did it. My first year’s turnover was £500K, in five years that grew to £865k, and I was managing a team of 18 staff!

I was running a massive machine, but all I wanted to do was be a photographer. So in 2009 I went alone, and eventually built my own home studio, that I’m very proud of. And I’m having great fun! I love photographing people, making them look beautiful, sexy, cute, or whatever they want. As long as I have someone to photograph, I’m happy!