John Miskelly

John Miskelly is a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography and is one of the leading fine art landscape photographers in the world today. A multi award-winning photographer, he specialises in stunning fine art landscape photography, from Ireland, Scotland and around the world.

His style, which is instantly recognisable through the visual drama and artistry of his photographs, is a reaction to the busy world in which we live, as he finds himself increasingly drawn to those places away from the urban environment. Places where he can get closer to the land, the sea and our natural world.

John will think nothing of spending many days braving the elements just to get the right combination of light and ‘feel’ that creates his magical landscape photography images, which provide an opportunity to find refuge in his simple but compositionally powerful work.

He is also a Canon Infinity Ambassador and is sponsored by LEE filters.

John runs a series of workshops in some great locations, so check out his website at for more information.