Ray Lowe

Ray Lowe Hon FMPA Hon. FBIPP – Directing the next steps of the MPA Journey.

Ray Lowe, New Chairman of the MPA board has played many active roles in the associations history. As a director, Ray spearheaded the changes in the Cherubs Programme between 2013 -2017. His expert knowledge of this arena comes from over 27 years of being at the forefront of a fruitful Cherubs business.

Ray owns a busy successful high street studios in Hertfordshire, established in 1975, and today employs 11 staff, 4 of whom are qualified photographers, which he has handed over to his daughter Kristy FBIPP.

With three Fellowships and a Master Craftsman’s Degree in America (PPA) and is a Qualified European Photographer (QEP), Ray has Chaired the QEP qualification judging panels across Europe as well as the Master Photographers Association qualification panels and was the Kodak Gold Awards Chairman for two years, as well as winning 9 coveted European Gold Awards.

Ray is one of only three photographers to be President of both the MPA & BIPP, where he travelled the country sharing his passion for teaching and raising the standards of professional photography. He is also an Honorary Fellow of both organisations, also a rarity.

Ray has lectured and judged for over 35 years for Fuji and Kodak as well as other professional bodies around the world from America to The Far East and currently mentors over 25 photographers a year into professional qualifications.

Affectionally known as ‘The Godfather’ in the MPA…Ray can often be found racing round with his new partner in ‘crime’ Darcy, his beautiful granddaughter, whilst also running the London & Essex Region and helping others succeed.

‘Having spent the last 4 decades photographing the apples of other people’s eyes, there’s nothing more I enjoy today than photographing my own … meet Darcy … ‘The Grand Daughter’

Many people think they are the same thing as they usually trip of the tongue together in business, but they are very different things and you need to understand them both if you want to make a successful photographic business.

Marketing v Sales

Marketing = getting bums on seats
Sales = Putting pounds in your pocket

I can teach anyone how a camera works and how to be a photographer that’s easy, anyone can be a photographer. Ok not as creative as Stu Williamson, or Brett Florens, that creativity comes from passion with experience, something you can’t teach, because it comes from inside your soul.

But over the years I have seen far too many poor starving good photographers go to the wall, because they thought taking decent pictures was enough to be successful.

Without customers, you only have a pile of pictures, no one wants, but if you have customers and take good images, you must be able to sell them.

Sales is a game, you have what they have (photos) and they have what you want (money) and it’s how you play that game.

I will also show you the 7 links in the chain of success.

Alternative title is

‘Making good money from Portraiture’

‘The key to running a successful Photography Business…’

All of this will be covered, during my talks….