About PTO

George and Glenys Dawber

Your Hosts George & Glenys Dawber relaxing on their second week after the 2014 PTO event in Fuerteventura.
Image by Dave Jagger.

Welcome to Photo Training Overseas. Based in the UK,  PTO has been established for just over a quarter of a century now. In fact, PTO will be celebrating its 30th annual event in 2017 and is now working tirelessly to ensure that PTO will reach new heights of excellence by combining the best possible ingredients – great locations; top-class presenters; a varied and interesting programme; friendly atmosphere; sponsors involvement and unlimited opportunities to discuss photography.

One of the great strengths of PTO has been its insistence on mixing both new and established talent in its masterclasses and seminars. Thus, the programme always features new speakers – some of whom have never been seen or heard on the seminar circuit before – with these rising stars dovetailing with the established, big name presenters. One thing they all have in common though – a refreshing outlook and new ideas to compliment their passion for photography.The event provides the opportunity to socialise with leaders in the industry, and everything is organised and co-ordinated under the expert guidance of George and Glenys Dawber – a winning formula that benefits all involved!