Addressing Concerns Regarding our Mexican Destination

Some potential delegates and sponsors may be concerned that the destination for our final PTO to be held January 2019, seems to be regularly in the news for the wrong reasons. However, it should be noted that where PTO is to be held; Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific side of the country, crime is exceptionally low compared to other parts of the country i.e. Cancun; Mexico City Acapulco etc. Where tourists are often a target.

As tourism is the number one priority, the authorities are keen to point out that hotels have their own additional level of security to protect tourists.

On the up side Mexico’s hurricane season is July – October. Weather is around 23 – 30 degrees C. In January; No visa is necessary, but you will be issued with an immigration form for both entry and departure. So check out the fantastic tutor line-up, the exceptional hotel facilities, the great all-inclusive price and let us fill up the remaining places available with monthly payments accepted for this holiday/training experience of a lifetime.