Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment should I take?

Most delegates take a digital camera and a couple of lenses in a suitable bag taken as hand baggage. If you need to take anything else like for example a tripod this must go as ‘hold’ baggage.

2. How do I get to the hotel from the overseas airport?

A coach transfer is included in your booking – you will be met by a TUI representative and directed to your transfer coach.

3. What currency will I need?

Mexican Peso or American Dollars.

4. Should I tip?

If you feel the service is good for example in a restaurant, then 10% is normal.

5. Do I need a Visa?

UK citizens do not need a Visa.

6. Do I need vaccinations?

None are required unless you are travelling from an infected area.

7. Can I pre-book flight seats or extra leg room?

Yes PTO book Premier Seats for you, however, if you require extra space or extra leg room seats and excess baggage you need to arrange this direct with TUI STOCKPORT: Please ask for Lynn on 0161 480 8763 these services are ONLY available 90 days before departure.

8. Is a flight meal included?

Yes. If you have any special dietary requests, we need to know.

9. What is my luggage allowance?

Luggage in economy 20 kgs hold and 10kg hand luggage. Premier Seats have 25kgs hold and 10kgs hand luggage.

10. Do I need travel and medical insurance?

You certainly do – low cost insurance can be obtained on-line.

11. When do I get my travel tickets?

 No tickets issued booking references will be provided nearer departure to enable passengers to “Manage their Booking” on line.

12. What is the dress code for the Awards Event?

This is entirely up to you, however most people like to dress up for such an event but it is not essential.

13. What is the dress code for the training week?

Most delegates dress casually during the daytime and change into something a little more appropriate for the evening meal.

14. What time is my flight?

Full flight information can be found here.