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For Premier seat bookings the allowance is 23kgs for hold baggage and 7kgs for carry on hand baggage.

For Standard seat bookings the allowance is 20kgs hold baggage and 5kgs for carry on hand baggage.


If booked at check-in it would be £17 per kilo each way. However, if pre-booked with our tour operator Tui (First Choice) Stockport branch on: 0161 480 8763 ask for Lynn; it can be offered at £25 per extra 5kgs each way. Maximum allowed 23kgs.


All Premier Seat bookings are able to use the Executive lounges at both the outbound and inbound airports. They also will also enjoy a Fast Track facility.


We are informed that visas are NOT required for UK passport holding passengers; however, if you hold a non EU passport; visas are required; obtainable on-line. All passengers will be required to complete an immigration card, normally distributed on the flight before landing, you must keep this with you at all times for entry and exit from Mexico.


Naturally, we hope none of us require this information, however, if required the First Choice Representative should be the first port of call. The British Embassy telephone number in Mexico City as: (55) 1670 3200.


These will be sent by email to all passengers by our tour operator a few weeks prior to departure.


Currently one Mexican Peso is = to 38p sterling. We believe the Post Office offer the best exchange rates and also offer buy back without commission. However, please be aware this is a fluctuating currency almost on a daily basis.


Although controversial all visitors to Mexico are required to pay a departure tax currently around 1335MXN Pesos =£66 sterling; it is preferable to pay in Mexican Pesos. As Mexico operates a closed currency you are not permitted to take Pesos out of the country. We suggest you seek the best exchange rate nearer departure, however, Pesos may be obtained at the arrival airport, which we are informed offers the best exchange rate.


Power In Mexico is similar to the USA at 110 volts using the flat pin plugs.