Dr Nicola Donovan

Dressing to Impress in Photography

Clothes are important to all of us for various reasons and we tell the world about ourselves by the way we dress. Even those who decide to go naked communicate something by the very absence of clothing.

The presentation of clothing and dress can seriously affect images, whether they are portraits, wedding photographs, fashion spreads or artworks. This illustrated lecture will discuss how to get the best from clothing for optimum results in wedding, portrait and fashion images. Nicola will show you where to look for details that make a difference, how to understand the way that clothes are structured so they show the subject at their best, along with a few tips for slimming beer bellies and upper arms as well as minimising ‘bra fat’ and manboobs.

Nicola holds a PhD in Fine Art Practice and alongside her career as an artist has lectured in Fashion and Textiles for almost 2 decades. Originally a fashion designer she has a deep knowledge of fashion from many perspectives and has published on the subject in academic journals and books, as well as International magazines.

She has an exhibited her art work extensively and widely, receiving awards and a number of funded residencies.

From 2009 – 2012 she was the beneficiary of a Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Bursary from Nottingham Trent University.

Nicola is currently based in County Cork, Ireland and commutes to Oxford where she holds the post of Lead Artist for projects based in and around the city.