Photography Masterclasses and Workshops

How They work!

Masterclasses/Workshops may be indoor or outdoor depending on the subject and weather conditions. Tutors may provide opportunities to work ‘hands-on’ although it is more likely that delegates will be invited to observe and take their own notes or record shots as appropriate. Although we ask tutors to shoot actual images and encourage them to show delegates the results, we cannot guarantee this will happen – ultimately it is left to the individual presenter.

Delegates may choose to attend any of the classes – nothing is compulsory on PTO. However, only delegates who have paid the appropriate fee may attend Master Classes. If non-delegates have a change of heart and would like to upgrade to delegate status this may be arranged at registration by paying the upgrade fee of £250. Non-delegates are cordially invited to attend evening presentations, although delegates will have priority seating. The evening seminars provide an opportunity for additional business related subjects to add to the learning opportunities either by digital generated images or other visual forms.

In Action!

Tutor Images