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The 28th annual Photo Training Overseas event was held in Tenerife from 30th January – 6th February 2015 at the delightful Be Live Playa La Arena Hotel in Puerto Santiago, almost ninety people attended; the group was made up of Delegates, Sponsors, Tutors Models and a small Management team.

The organisers George and Glenys Dawber arrive ahead of the main group who were departing from a bleak UK from five different airports and were greeted on their arrival by the hosts, once rooms had been allocated those who were attending their first ever PTO event – and there were plenty this year – attended a “First Timers” meeting to be welcomed and presented with a programme of events for the week of training; this clearly helps people to bond quickly and feel a part of this phenomena called PTO. This was followed by a welcome meeting for all, where speakers, sponsors, models and management team are introduced. After dinner, most congregate to the bar where once again friendships are formed.

The following morning after a day of travel and settling in the entire group come together, first to hear from the Tour Operator what they can do in their spare time – reading the intense programme that was clearly only directed to partners and spouses as most delegates want to take in as much as possible during their training week and believe me that was in abundance!

FRANK DOORHOF from the Netherlands treated delegates to his way of seeing things and executing them with panache.

Then we had DAVE WALL a man of many talents and incredible stamina introducing the popular concept of shooting your images to submit to a stock library. Dave personally specialises in book covers.

The master of Photo Shop GLYN DEWIS delighted delegates with his own inimitable style of working methods – Glyn has been invited back for next year to continue taking the out of the clever use of Photo Shop and show just what can be achieved with a little practice and knowledge.

For the wedding enthusiasts there was JUILIE OSWIN and MARK SEYMOUR two entirely different approaches to the business of wedding photography Julie demonstrating classical work and Mark a definite documentary style in black and white.

SANDI FRIEND is a working Mum/Photographer, and we know how many females operate in this way, Sandi gains most of her commissions from publishers of fashion magazines and brought a refreshing input into child portraiture.

A legend of the industry JERRY COE intrgued delegates with his “Pencil Portrait” technique and his new I Phone imagery, both of which have gained him Fellowships for the quality of his work. PTO threw in a wild card this time a photographer some of the group met on a market in Fuerteventura during PTO 2014, he was selling superb images of landscapes, seascapes and fine art and attracting a lot of attention, he was clearly a talent, self taught and was at first reluctant to consider being a speaker on PTO, he felt it was too daunting, however, the persuasive skills of the organisers arranged for him to travel to Tenerife.

BRIAN MCLERNON proved not only to have the gift of the Irish gab but to be a winner in every way, his engaging persona and unlimited knowledge of his subject made him probably the most popular tutor in the group, so you never know what to expect on a PTO!

After a morning of meeting all the speakers by way of an individual AV and explanation of what they will be teaching. The first afternoon session is dedicated to viewing and tutors providing positive critiquing of every image which delegates submitted for the Photo competition. Evening seminars this year were the infamous Photo Competition critique, from more than 120 entries thirty of the best images are selected by tutors for the final collection to be printed to 20”x16” by One Vision Imaging to a very high quality and this forms the first evening’s talking point after they were displayed.

A few images from the week…


At this point we should mention the tremendous support PTO receive from their sponsoring companies: Aaduki; Epson; Everybodysmile; Fuji; One Vision Imaging; The Flash Centre; and The Societies. Llewellyn Robins conducted and interesting hour long talk on what is needed for qualifications and competition winning images, then an evening with an industry legend in Nick White of Epson and formerly Fuji fame. On another evening we were entertained by four volunteers who delivered the Ten Minute Tantalizers – unfortunately some of the presenters thought it was twenty five minutes of entertaining chats about a variety of photo related issues. Nathan Wake of Fuji offered additional Photo Walks at Dawn and Dusk which proved popular.

Delegates are provided with competition opportunities whilst in resort by entering the Photo Art Competition; with a tremendous prize for the winning collection of a top Epson colour printer! The PR Competition, which involves delegates shooting anything they consider worthy of publication to promote PTO, takes home a Fuji Camera! Examples of these competitions together with the winners can be viewed on the PTO website at www.pto-uk.com together with all other relevant information for next year! The over-riding reasons to attend a PTO are great tuition by sharing well known photographers, a networking opportunity second to none, a fabulous hotel and location, excellent food, good weather with lifelong friendships made. when provided with a discounted opportunity to sign up for next year’s PTO, more than thirty people did so. If you are considering completing a booking form, downloadable from the website, we urge you to do it sooner rather than later please don’t delay your £200 deposit is refundable up to twelve weeks prior to departure. As you will see on the booking form; stage payments at no extra cost are also available!

Tutor Images

Dave Wall

Frank Doorhof

Gerry Coe

Glyn Dewis

Julie Oswin

Sandi Friend